Re: Noisy Lifters even though they are new

Posted by JeromeSolberg on 2021/10/15 0:00:48
When I read the spec it says "40 psi" for the oil pressure. So that seems right. I seem to remember seeing 35 psi somewhere else, but here it is in the book at 40 psi:

1951-54 Service Manual Specifications

What I saw on the gauge was a steady 40 psi, varying only slightly when I revved the engine or as the engine warmed up. You could see if I revved the engine the reading would rise slightly before settling down again.

Now tomorrow when I get the chance I will start the engine and let it run for a good 40 minutes and see if I can get the light to blink, perhaps by adjusting the idle down slightly.

It's possible that the idiot light is set a little high, since I have never tested it and have no idea how old it is. I didn't rebuild the oil pump internals but I did install a new relief valve, but it does seem to be working.

Will report back.

Thanks for your interest and advice.


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