Re: Noisy Lifters even though they are new

Posted by JeromeSolberg on 2021/10/26 17:19:24
Well, since I had two extra lifters left over from rebuilding, I did the very best I could to determine which lifter was the loudest using an automotive stethoscope, which seemed to be Cylinder #5 intake or exhaust. So I replaced them both. That took about a day all told. I measured the clearance using the little gage I got from Pacific Northwest Packards, and it was between .040 and .060, so within spec of 0.030 to 0.070.

Now after another long drive it's seemingly no better than it was before. I listened again with my stethoscope and maybe it's another couple of lifters, maybe, and maybe a couple of other lifters farther away, it's very hard to tell. Maybe I replaced the wrong ones, or maybe I just didn't replace enough. It sounds like the ones I replace are "better", but they still maybe are clicking a little too, very hard to tell because I may be picking up noise from the lifters next door, maybe it's those I should have replaced.

I don't really know exactly what to do, order some more lifters? They are not cheap, and it's a lot of work to change them. Change the oil again and put in 20W50? I have Delo 15w40 in now, it seems not really better and perhaps worse than when I had the 10w30 in there.

I guess I'm just very frustrated right now. I don't know if there is any advice anyone can give me, but if there is I'm open to it. I cannot really figure out what I did wrong, sorry to vent.

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