Re: 1953 leaf spring removal

Posted by PackardDon on 2021/10/16 17:43:28
I don’t recall ever having any so stuck that they couldn’t be readily removed so it’s not exactly clear to me where you are having the problem. If the front bolts, going from memory they push through and if the rear shackles, they come out as a pair/unit with one side of the shackle. In either case, they may be somewhat tight so you’ll have to relieve any weight that you can (even the weight of the spring itself) and you may have to lightly drive them out.

Be careful to not damage the threads, though. I typically install the nut at least half way, then do any tapping on it and once they start to move to the point that the nut must be removed entirely, you should be able to pull them out or use a soft brass drift to tap them the rest of the way.

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