Re: Number 1 Spark Plug Wire Position

Posted by HH56 on 2021/10/26 10:27:40
It should be right around the 7:00 position but you can still use the octane adjust scale with the distributor gear a tooth or so off as it sounds like yours might be. The only difficulty might be if the vacuum advance canister winds up in a position where the tubing becomes too tight to allow any adjusting.

What you would need do is put the octane scale in the middle and lock the flange down. Then re-time the engine by loosening the bolt or screw right under the body which holds the distributor base tightly to the flange. By rotating the distributor body to the appropriate spot to readjust the timing and then tightening it down again a new normal is set. Once the body is re-timed and locked to the flange the bolts holding the flange to the block can be loosened and octane scale used for any fine tuning.

Here are a couple of illustrations showing the factory set position. The 53 wiring diagram is a birds eye view of the distributor and while the other illustration is from an earlier year and maybe uses a different dist number, the position shown is still appropriate for 53.

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