Re: Number 1 Spark Plug Wire Position

Posted by Packard Joe on 2021/10/26 16:03:04
Thank you for your kind and informed replies. As I suspected, the plug wires were all off by one position. Moving them all one spot got me in range for timing without moving the distributor body out of the standard position in order to get the timing in range. I do not know the pedigree of the car or its previous owners. It appears that someone took good very good care of the car and at some point, did not continue. The car then was allowed to weather and deteriorate significantly. It's been a long time since it has run. The motor was painted sky blue but hard to tell if it has been apart. Pretty sure the oil pump gear is in the right place. Everything I see looks right but needs careful attention to ensure no damage is done on the first start. Compression is good, no stuck valves and there is 20psi of oil pressure on my test gage just cranking on the starter. I took out the distributor for cleaning and points and will replace the wobbly breaker plate and failed vacuum advance. Distributor bushings are in good shape with no apparent wear! Thanks again for the help and I will post the results when I pop it off for the first time.

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