Re: Number 1 Spark Plug Wire Position

Posted by Packard Joe on 2021/11/4 17:38:16
Update: Completed Distributor cleaning and refurbishment including a new Vacuum Capsule and a Breaker Plate plus the usual Points, Condenser, Rotor and Cap, then put the plug wires in the position recommended by the kind folks here. One tap of the key and she fired and ran smooth for the first time in many years. I had soaked the cylinders with oil so initially lots of smoke but the exhaust cleaned up in a couple of minutes. Even cold, light taps of the throttle produce a quick rev. There's no bogging. Oil pressure at idle is at 29 PSI using a test gage tapped in to the sender port. I didn't run it long because the water pump bearings started to make more noise then they should. I don't want the housing or shaft to get damaged from failed bearings. I guess it didn't like being woken from the long sleep. I will change it out with a rebuild. Looks like Max Merritt has the best price. Again, thanks to the contributors here. There's lots of great information on this site and I appreciate the personal responses as well!

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