Re: Hydraulic Widow help

Posted by Fish'n Jim on 2021/11/23 11:48:58
Well, HH it's in the post war forum, so I suspect it might be post war, and not pre-war. Unless it was moved based on your response. I don't do the pre-war.

I was gone since Fri, so I don't know if you're hallucinating or not... A good lacquer paint job inhaling thinner will due wonders for that. It's possible he editted it unknowingly.

These partial posts are annoying, however, as there's no way anyone except a clairvoyant could rightly answer, without the simple facts, year, make, model. The rest of us are learning things, too.
I see the same thing on other forums, so It's human in the rush thing I guess. Take a deep breath, put down all the pertinent info, folks.

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