22nd series Deluxe Eight overheating

Posted by davegnh on 2021/11/23 16:13:32
My car started overheating last summer, out of the blue. It was running fine and suddenly started to run 200+ when moving down the road. 2 summers ago I pulled the radiator out and had it checked, replaced the water pump and pulled the distribution tube and flushed everything, it all seemed OK and ran fine for a long time. It just decided to run hot late last summer. I changed thermostat, flushed etc but nothing helped. Timing is good, and the car runs well. I am thinking I will need to recore the radiator in the spring but wonder if I am missing something that I should check before I do that. I am checking the temp with an infrared thermometer and have an aftermarket thermometer in the head, they both agree. I would welcome any suggestions, thanks.

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