Re: 22nd series fuel tanks

Posted by HH56 on 2022/1/27 15:20:03
And as far as I know, no tanks for anything earlier than 1951 were ever reproduced so your best bet for something original is identify which tank you need and then see if anyone has a good used tank for sale. Even good used may require some work to be serviceable.

There are one or two places that will custom make a stainless steel tank but photos posted show those do not look original and are somewhat expensive -- but if all else fails, could be an option. Another poster has managed to adapt a repro tank made for a 53 Chevy but it did require some fabrication work to make everything fit. You can read thru some of his project blog to get more details on what work was needed. ... it=chevy+fuel+tank#p26623

If you do not have any tank at all then options are limited but if you do have a tank -- unless it is a total rust piece -- it can possibly be repaired and restored to almost like new condition by undergoing the Renu process. Businesses affiliated with Gas Tank Renu are located in several states.

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