Re: front seat removal

Posted by HH56 on 2021/11/24 19:35:52
To remove just the front cushion lift from the front somewhere toward the middle and pull it up out of the frame and then slide forward to release from the rear and lift it out. If there is electrical in the seat frame back for a cigar lighter or courtesy lights the seat back cushion will be held by some screws thru tabs at the bottom and some clips at the top. Remove the screws and then pull bottom out slightly and lift it up and outward to lift the back off the clips. The top upholstery padding will need to be compressed slightly for the clips to be cleared. That will leave just the frame in the car if all you need is to access any wiring for the underseat heater or on the seat back for cigar lighter or courtesy lights.

To remove the entire seat and frame to have a more or less level floor to lay on for under dash work you will need to go under the car and remove 4 nuts and washers on each side holding the seat tracks to the floor. The threaded studs may be rusty so a dose or two of PB Blaster or similar a day or so before the work will help. Follow the instructions on removing the seat cushion because there will also be a spring in the middle between the seat frame and a tab on the trans hump that will need to come off. That spring comes off easier if the seat is all the way forward in the tracks. Other than weight, you can leave the back cushion attached. If there is electrical in the seat the inline connections for power from the body loom are under the carpet on the drivers Left rear corner either right under the seat corner or possibly between the seat frame and center post.

Once everything is disconnected and fasteners are free the entire seat can be lifted out. It can be removed alone but having a helper will make getting it out much easier. Aside from the weight, it will be bulky and the track studs will try and catch on the carpet plus the whole assy is top heavy and you will fight it wanting to tip backwards. Pay attention to the locations and amounts of any cardboard or wooden shims that may be between the seat tracks and floor.

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