Re: front seat removal

Posted by HH56 on 2021/11/26 10:11:41

Wat_Tyler wrote:
In a similar vein, my grandfather would have his front seat springs adjusted for a firmer feel/ride. He hated sinking into the seat. I know what he meant. What is the procedure to tighten the springs?

Depends. On some of the more upscale models the seats were specially constructed so coil springs were in individual pockets. On those it was a relatively simple process with a minimal amount of bother to release a spring and substitute ones having different strength coils. On the other models with the springs all fastened together as a unit it was a more involved procedure usually handled by a body or upholstery shop. The article starting on the second page of this service counselor might shed some light on what is involved.

After the use of thinner seats constructed with Z springs became common it was not such a simple procedure because the length of a single Z spring is the entire seat support for several inches and the amount of overall support is calculated on wire thickness, number of lengths, and distance apart. If additional padding would not solve the sag issue about all you can do to change the feel or fix sag is replace the entire Z length with new ones having the same original characteristics but not fatigued or else change to lengths having thicker wire and hope you don't turn a soft seat into one more related to a slab of concrete.

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