Re: glove box

Posted by BigKev on 2021/11/30 12:43:10
Last time I looked no one is making the 51-54 style glove box liners. They are folded black/dark grey thick card/cover stock and a bit of a "leather" texture if I remember right.

If someone is making them, I'd like to know.

If I can find a source that stocks similar material locally, I'd have a go at it. But you have to get larger than normal sheets and find something of the right texture and color.

That isn't something I want to take a chance on ordering online as a carton (500-600 pieces) on that size sheet can range from $500-$1000. If I can find it locally then I make be able to buy a few sheets, even if at a higher per sheet price. Also online, you really cant get a feel for the texture and thickness. I have an original, but it was badly soiled and spitting at the seams.

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