Re: glove box

Posted by Fish'n Jim On 2021/11/30 16:34:53
If you measure the thickness, look for leather "look" or "grain" embossed black card/paper stock and should be able to find similar. Glue, staple, seam binding construction, likely.
Paper goes by Lbs per 500 (8.5x11") sheets(ream)not thickness, so may have to convert. There's supplier charts for that.

Since plastics took over, not much paper used for this. You could find some flocked sheet plastic that would look ok, that they use for glove box liners now. I have leather grained black PVC sheet that I used to use for making mud flaps, etc. so a local plastics supplier or fabricator may know where to obtain or stock. Cuts with a utility knife, glue or weld.
Also, fairly easily to lay up some fiberglass and make one then paint anything you want, including flock. That's what I'm going to do when I get around to making the heater vent duct for the Caddy. Going to use the old cardboard as the mold since no one makes that part. To make one out of card board would require a big press & dies and some other tools, I don't have.
Another one; measure and look at the reproduction cardboard ones that are available for other makes and models and maybe able to adapt.

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