Re: glove box

Posted by BigKev on 2021/11/30 17:00:59
I'm waiting for this company to approve my account so I can see the pricing. But based upon what is out there, this may be a good candidate. ... -37-111-cover-sheets.html

Unlike the earlier boxes that are stapled together as an assemble, and then just sits the glove box, these ones are not. There are no overlapping tabs or anything. The sides/front/back are part of the same sheet as the bottom, and have a just creased relief to make a clean fold. Then every side is glued to the metal box itself.

I imagine that all the sides are folded in flat over the bottom with the front and back panels being on top. Then it's placed in the bottom of the glove box shell. Then the front and back are unfolded and glued into place. Then side sides are unfolded and glued, which also wedges/locks the front and back into place. That's how this original one looks to me.

So I think as long as the correct(ish) card stock can be located, the rest is pretty simple.

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