Re: Carter WDO 351S

Posted by Fish'n Jim on 2021/12/17 21:35:36
Minor point but it could be a '49 leftover that's sold as a '50. They made some '50s too according to the Neal book. All seem to have the same numbers unfortunately. That's maybe where the carb ID confusion comes from in the books. A crazy period '48-'50
I'd bypass the carb starter until I got the choke straightened out, then work on the starter. That way you're not frustrated trying to do both at the same time, if it's hard to start/dying out. It should have a thermal choke tubed off the exhaust manifold. I had to replace that. Common to rot off. Somewhere I have those Carter manuals. Can't recall if WDO or WDG on mine. Might be on here too.
I'd look for some good pictures from that model to compare to. If it's the wrong model carb for the linkage, wasting time or have to adapt.

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