Re: Carter WDO 351S

Posted by Ross on 2021/12/18 8:13:27
Glancing back through the thread I am a little befuddled. As you begin to open the throttle to start the car the choke plate should swing shut and the fast idle cam will likewise swing under the adjusting screw. Sometimes the wee tiny torsion spring that is supposed to lift the idle cam is AWOL.

Your car will not give a hoot about having a Custom Eight carb on it. It might run a little rich at certain speeds. A WDO is a WDO

If the choke isn't working loosen the two retaining screws and turn the choke housing til the choke plate will snap lightly shut when you open the throttle just a bit. Opening the throttle will let the fast idle cam swing under the adjusting screw when the choke plate is shut. As Jim mentions, make sure your tube to the choke stove in the manifold is OK.

Start the car and see if it would like more choke or less choke. Adjust the choke housing slightly in the suitable direction. The index marks on the housing are often not reliable at this late date. If the fast idle is not sufficient then adjust the fast idle screw.

All of this is perhaps a 5 minute job and will be little aided by having the manuals.

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