Re: 1948 Limo Super 8

Posted by custo eight On 2022/2/13 16:09:30
I feel yur pain!!. Have spent two years trying to get my 2126 super clipper started after a rebuild. Initially, a poorly wired starter solenoid was found shorted thru the case..Fixedit. But the motor was turning really slowly. I ordered the 3EH battery but in the meantime, I picked up a standard high amperage 6 volt battery. Tried starting with the new battery. Engine seemed really tight almost couldn't turn the fan by hand with the plugs removed. Put some ballistol lubricant in the cylinders and let it sit for a few days. With the plugs removed and fuel line shut off, I wouold turn the engine over for about 15 secs twice a day. After a week, Hooked both batteries up and put the plugs in. It turned over faster and fired up with a few squirts of gas. Disconnected the second battery and it turned over and started again today cold. After rebuild, things might need to work in a patient...its worth it. it was 55 years since I parked the car and this was the first time it started while installed and after the (^&^*&# ignition wiring was sorted out...sweet:)
Others might have more technical background but this worked for on my '47 7 passenger sedan.

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