Re: 1948 Limo Super 8

Posted by Duane Gunn On 2022/3/10 20:12:04
Got the carburetor back, the bolt that goes to the fuel screen had teflon tape on it and a piece came off and got stuck in the float so the gas could not shut off!
Ran engine for 10 minutes and it got hot, so I shut it off. Let it cool down and reran it for 10 minutes, it ran fine.
Came back a week later and the battery is dead! I put my back up battery in and the engine started fine. I don't know what drained the battery, but we tried to turn on the headlights and I had them on once but I don't know how. When I push the headlight button, nothing happens now.
I also think I can not go from R-1 gear to the 2-3 gear with the shifter.
Then I notice a clicking noise on the right rear brake when the brakes are applied. I just rebled the brakes and there was some air in the system.
So I have a few projects to do before I can drive this car.
Thank you for your help.

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