Re: 1948 Limo Super 8

Posted by su8overdrive On 2022/4/14 20:37:59
HH56, Peter, Owen, James/Kanter and the others give you the best advice extant, inc. to make sure your battery disconnect switch rated for more amps than your gear-reduction starter draws. I use a brass, marine grade Cole Hersee switch available from any NAPA store in my '47 Super Clipper.

But enough with this boat anchor 56lb. 3EH battery overkill. Probably falling on deaf ears given some of you have long wheelbase models, tubs already 200 lbs. heavier than previous Clippers, lwb adding another crushing 850-900 lbs. to that, their tires overloaded from new, but a Red Top 6-volt battery weighing but 18 lbs. puts out 800 cold cranking amps and has never failed to start my 356 pronto.

I got nearly a decade from my last one, looks like the same from my current one, know of a Cad V-16 in AZ that's happy with a single Optima and of a '41 Cad that went 14 years on the same one.

Of cars and people.

Real Packards were first "road cars," luxe or not. What do you think sold Bentley Continentals and Railtons, even the lwb versions of the latter?

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