Re: 1948 Limo Super 8

Posted by HH56 On 2022/4/27 19:37:23
For a Packard specific tire well you are mostly limited to someone with a parts car having a good trunk floor. There are some universal aftermarket tire well replacements and some made for Fords or Chevys that might work mounted sideways -- although doubt they will look exactly the same. Several vendors are selling their offerings on ebay and if you do an ebay search for "spare tire well" it shows quite a few options.

As to where the water is coming from it could be the window or the weatherstrip or both. If the window rubber has dried or split water could be getting between the glass and rubber and running onto the package shelf and down into the trunk. Another known spot is the weatherstrip across the top and sides of of the lid. If the rubber has dried and shrunk or cracked water can seep between the strip and lid. Even dry tail light housing gaskets have been known to allow water to run in.

If rust is in the tire well I would also carefully examine the rear of the trunk floor just in front of the vertical panel below the trunk lid.

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