Re: 1948 Limo Super 8

Posted by HH56 On 2022/5/4 19:47:22
With it working when holding the socket it is probably an issue in the trunk.

A possibility with water damage elsewhere in the trunk is the sockets also got wet. Remove the bulb and check inside the sockets to make sure the fiber plate that holds the contacts is flat and water did not weaken it and allow the spring and opposing bulb pressure against the plate to make it concave and a possible poor connection. Also make sure there is no corrosion on the contacts or in any inline connectors on the wires.

Failed grounds in the various tail and parking light housings are a big issue on Packards. The pot metal housings corrode and poor contact with the body sheet metal is the result. Try removing the bolts or studs holding the tail light housings to the sheet metal and clean any rust or corrosion from the sheetmetal where the bolts or nuts make contact. Also clean the socket shells and the area of the housings where the sockets push in. If that is marginal or unsuccessful you may need to remove the tail light housing completely and clean the threaded holes and sheetmetal. On some years even that was not enough and added ground wires have had to be connected between the sockets or housings and sheetmetal.

If your car has turn signals, 48 should still have the older turn signal system with separate rear turn signal bulbs and only 3 wires going to the steering column and turn signal switch. If that is your car, those systems use the two filament bulb for the tail and brake lights only so brake light wiring does not go thru the turn signal switch. On those cars the problem should be limited to socket, ground, or a bad inline connector but if you have 6 wires going to the column and switch that is a different matter and in addition to the suggestions above, the switch itself needs to be considered.

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