Re: 1948 Limo Super 8

Posted by Duane Gunn On 2022/6/12 0:06:13
I cleaned up the tail light housing and plugged the fixture back in. The lights are nice and bright, that includes the tail lights, brake lights and turn signals. I just had a corroded tail light housing that was messing up the ground.
I bought new tires, put on the hubcaps, vacuumed the interior, washed windows and got ready to go for a drive. I sprayed carburetor cleaner in the carburetor and it started just fine. When the carburetor cleaner was used up, the fuel filter was empty and the car shut off. I tried to restart it and the battery died!
I used the battery from a different car that hasn't been used in 4 years and the car started right up. Yea!
Now to fix some other things I haven't noticed are: dashboard lights are not working, the brakes squeal when applied, and the clutch is making a noise when engine is running with the transmission in nuetral and clutch out.
I got to drive it a little and even went to fill the tank. It rides nice, it is hot here in Phoenix. It was down to 107F at 8pm when I was driving it.

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