Re: 1948 Packard Build Sheet - who can read codes?

Posted by HH56 On 2022/1/13 11:23:09
Unlike some of the later years, don't believe the 22 or 23 series order codes are posted on site but they are in Bob Neal's 48-50 book.

If the paper is badly smudged and there could be reading errors then some of the numbers you have written down don't seem to jive with the model designations. 2298 doesn't seem valid so if you could post what model the car is then a couple more codes and numbers would make more sense because they were supposedly model specific. Here are the other constant across all model options.

EMC - Electromatic Clutch
OD - Overdrive
I think the 08 might actually be OB for oil bath air cleaner
UHD- Underseat heater and defroster
RV- Radio with vacuum antenna
WSW-Whitewall tires
FSE- Fender shield equipment (fender skirts)

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