Re: 1952 250 fuel pump kit

Posted by Fish'n Jim On 2022/1/14 9:25:35
I think just about everyone is dealing with this issue of aged technology, waning expertise, and modern fuel.
I just completed a electric pump conversion on the "C", because the new pumps are not quality. Production was moved to MX a couple years ago. I went through 4 units in a few months. So can't even depend on good parts any more. It also the "pump rod" design engine which is notorious.
Now I got a noise issue with the electric pump, so there's no magic solution. And I studied this fairly well before pushing the button. You can hide the relays etc, if you plan out the install. I already had an auxillary for the electric choke adn wipers when I converted to 3x2, so built off it. I'm not a fake original kinda guy. I dont; care if it's modified, so long as it's done well.
Make sure the tank and lines are in good condition, or you'll just mess up the carb next.

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