Re: cool as a cucumber

Posted by kevinpackard on 2022/5/14 21:20:49
Just to add a wrench into things, I was surprised when I read the following from the 1954 Clipper Owner's Manual:

"At normal operating temperature the pointer should center approximately between the "C" (cold) and "H" (hot) position, except on long hard drives in summer weather, when it may register nearer to the "Hot" side. This condition need not cause alarm as the pressure type system will normally prevent boiling or fluid losses at temperatures up to 248 degrees F. However, a sudden rise to the "H" mark should be investigated at once."

248? In the past, mine started moving past the center at about 195-200 on the rear of the engine. Since my radiator was serviced it has stayed centered easier, with engine temperature never exceeding 180 (measured with a temp gun).


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