Re: 48-50 hood release levers

Posted by HH56 on 2022/5/19 10:30:05
Being they are on a flat piece of metal, it is a good question if they can be removed without damage. Like other more permanent plastic knobs Packard used, I suspect those knobs are mounted the same way.

On other knobs, they are on a serrated or barbed support and either molded in place or in some cases were installed by having the knob at a certain warm temperature and then sliding them over the support so the teeth can bite into the soft plastic. From photos in the 48 owners manual I believe 48-50 used essentially the same arrangement as the 47 because knobs and supports are a similar shape. Because there is a slight gap between the 47 knob and metal support, I kind of think the hood might be the slide on method. The barbs or serrations displace the warm softened plastic as the knob slides on and once plastic cools around the metal the knobs are all but permanent.

You might possibly be able to warm the knobs up and pull them off without damage but wouldn't hold my breath. Too much heat and you have as mess of melted or misshapen knob. Too little and you have a cracked or broken knob. Lavine does have a vent knob labeled as a 40-47 available in many colors and on my 47 the hood and vent knobs look the same so they might be the same item. Possibly that vent knob would work if yours do become damaged.

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