Re: 51 300 Trunk latch assembly

Posted by Let the ride decide on 2022/5/28 14:24:49
Group 31.167 in the parts book list a 3 and 4 screw 25th series lock assembly.
Which one are you looking for?
441650 fits 53, 54, and 55 cars it is the 3 screw one.

Took one for the team, looked in a 55 parts car, I knew the lock was not installed, but opened the trunk anyway.
WOW, 3 wasp nests!!!
The 55 latch is not a loop like you have.

I did find this in the parts I have, but not the right one either. Anyone know what it fits?

The 55 latch is bottom of page 20 and top of 21. ... anual5556/Sect19_Body.pdf

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