Re: Post War Cormorant Mascot

Posted by Tim Cole on 2022/5/31 17:12:49
I've seen two of the JC Whitney jobs in the ghetto. The Cormorant and the Atlas. I've never seen any of those other ones they catalogued. That was years ago. I'm sure there are a few bolted onto PT Cruisers.

There are a lot of the Clippers with the pre-war Pelican surfing on the hood. That's ghetto.

It's a good thing I never saw one of those Whitney jobs at flea market marked as Packard, because I would immediately go into a Cheech and Chong routine accusing him of stealing it. "Heeeey Maaan, you stole that off my brother's Cheby maan. What the hell is a Packard Holmes?. I thought that was a calculator."

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