Advice from those in the know on 1949 Super 8 Coupe

Posted by Max on 2022/6/29 22:41:08

I have fallen in love with the 1948-49 2 door coupe Packard’s. This is not my typical classic as I usually acquire 1970’s and 80’s cars.

I do not know much about Packards. At first I had a hard time placing the model. I think I’ve narrowed it down to a 22nd series 1949 Super 8 Club Sedan. I though sedans were always 4 doors but seams Packard had two door sedans/coupes.
I am about to acquire this 1949 Super 8 Packard.
Can anyone chime in to advise if the trim etc appear correct on this example. From limited knowledge and research it appears the 3/4 length side trim is incorrect. I also believe the Swan Hood Ornament is incorrect. I am not sure if the rear bumper trim is correct either.
Told its got a 327ci engine 3 speed manual plus overdrive. Still running on the 6 volt system.
Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
Lastly, has anyone ever put an AC unit into one of these things? I don’t thinks it’s possible but worth asking. Hope the two pictures upload correctly. I have an engine picture if anyone needs to see it. It too looked a little different than some.

***Update to answer some of the questions***
VIN series 2275-9-xxxx
Awaiting engine Number 327ci
Told engine is original to car
Sun Shade accessory is Fulton brand
Electric Clutch is supposedly work as intended
All items working
Cannot confirm if radio works since does not have AM broadcasts in area but it does power on and light up
Suggested that the factory undercoating is still present
Advise headliner is original
Advise dash is original
Seats redone
Not sure about door card or carpets
New interior and front end photos added

Thank you

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