1953 Patrician: has anyone updated from Treadlevac to modern 2-chamber mstr cyl?

Posted by rzcoyote On 2022/7/13 22:15:39
Has anyone updated the brake system from Treadlevac to a modern 2-chamber master cylinder? I did a complete brake job on my 53 Patrician, new wheel cylinders, shoes, hoses, plus a modern 2-chamber master cylinder, albeit, without a booster. Bled the brakes and, with great anticipation, took it for a spin. A very hard pedal, but No Brakes! Baffled, I have since learned a great deal about pedal ratio leverage and multiplication of force through hydraulics. Normal pedal ratio for a boosted brake system is 4:1. That is, 70 pounds force from your leg at the brake pedal is multiplied by leverage to 350 pounds at the master cylinder rod. The pedal ratio for the Patrician is an astounding 1:1! Thus, 70 pounds at the pedal is only 70 pounds at the mst cyl rod. It is no surprise that there is inadequate force to the brakes. Has anyone with a Patrician been through this exercise and come up with a configuration that works?

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