Re: 1953 Patrician: has anyone updated from Treadlevac to modern 2-chamber mstr cyl?

Posted by JeromeSolberg On 2022/7/13 22:31:54
The short answer is no, at least nothing easy and nothing satisfactory. There is no modern dual master with the combination of small cylinder diameter and long stroke to match the treadle vac, and no way really to mount anything in the firewall. The only thing that really came close was a very elaborate hydrovac installation, which requires a power steering pump and a wholeot of other stuff, from the shop that created the Berendtsen transmission adapters. Other solutions get rid of the fresh air vent, and still have problems.

I know I have investigated a lot. Best just to rebuild the TV and perhaps use Dot 5 (some may differ on the latter point).

But feel free to search on this forum for "Treadle Vac conversion" Easamatic, dual master cylinder, etc.

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