Re: 1953 Patrician: has anyone updated from Treadlevac to modern 2-chamber mstr cyl?

Posted by Mopar_Earl On 2023/11/29 21:24:11
I have another update from Abs Power Brakes. Below are some of the questions I asked.

Would that master cylinder handle disc/drum brakes?

Yes, it will handle disc/drum or disc/disc

I'm going to convert the front to disc. Does the master have a 10 psi residual valve for the rear drums?

No, no internal residual valves

What bore size is it?

1 1/8” bore size

What pedal ratio is that?


How much lower will the pedal pad be from the factory location?

Will be almost the same location as the factory one.

I assume the factory pedal pad fits on it?

We will send you a universal one we use. If you wish to use your stock one you will have to ship us the factory pedal

Is the master cylinder available in black?

Yes, we can have one powder coated for an extra $75.00

What would the added cost be to use my OE pedal so the OE pad fits? Would that affect the return policy? I do have a spare pedal.

No added cost to add the factory pedal and it wouldn’t affect warranty as long as you keep your receipt.

Do you offer a front disc brake conversion kit?

Yes we do for $850.00 plus tax and shipping

Kit includes

12" Regular Vented Rotors, Single Piston Calipers W/ Pads, Brackets, Brake Hoses & Hardware

I have a few more questions I'm waiting on. Their booster kit is pricey but would save me a lot of time. It also allows me to keep the crotch vent and not have to modify the firewall or any part of the car. The car can be returned to original condition. Also means not running around in a salvage yard all day looking at pedal assemblies. Ordering parts that may or may not work out. If I get the master in black and the booster is black, it would be less noticable to most. Especially in the original location. A simple email inquiry probably saved me months of screwing around. I'm pretty excited about a simple store bought remove and replace direct bolt in. Lol


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