Re: 1953 Patrician: has anyone updated from Treadlevac to modern 2-chamber mstr cyl?

Posted by HH56 On 2023/11/29 22:21:33

kevinpackard wrote:
Very interesting. Sounds like it will not do drum/drum though, which is unfortunate. I would prefer to keep drums on front/rear. Is the booster vacuum operated? Would require more than the stock vacuum supplied on Packards?

I think the floor plate and pedal is the key to this conversion. It looks to be a standard 4 stud and nut booster mounted to the floor plate and probably a standard front master to booster mount. Unless there is something really special in the shown configuration I would think a dual 7" booster and 1" dual master which has been well proven in earlier vent hole conversions or the 8" booster could be fitted with a standard 1" bore drum/drum master and be used with the floor plate and pedal for cars wishing to keep stock drums.

Key if Earl goes ahead with this conversion will be in photos to see exactly what it looks like and any clearance issues to the vent and below the unit that might be present. If it looks good on a 53, since V8 models have essentially the same firewall and column placement I might even take a chance on one for my factory AC car with a blower that uses the vent hole so has to stay where it is.

Even better for me would be if they sold the plate and pedal separately.

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