Re: 1953 Patrician: has anyone updated from Treadlevac to modern 2-chamber mstr cyl?

Posted by HH56 On 2024/1/14 14:35:45
I know it is early but when you start the conversion, before taking your car apart would you measure from the flat floor up to the bottom of the original pedal and maybe take before and after photos just for a way to compare how the new but shorter suspended pedal is located in position to the original. The pedal pad position was one of the items Packard stressed in their ease of operation ads and it would be nice if the positions are reasonably close to the same. When Craig did the first conversion to a modern booster the way he modified his pedal (which in the final version looked a bit like the ABS pedal) moved the foot pad quite a distance downward. Others who followed his mod said the new location works but takes getting used to. The stock location has the pad just slightly lower than the hole in the floor plate but the ABS location looks much lower.

Am also curious about the actual diameter of the new booster and length of the overall assy as to how it compares with the Treadlevac. Space between the firewall and floorplate to steering box is very limited. Unless the photos are deceiving, the black booster ABS shows on their unit looks like a different brand and smaller in diameter but longer in length than the 7" single or dual universal boosters Craig and most of the vent conversions used. It would be nice to know what ABS came up with and if they moved everything up a bit or how they positioned things to get clearance to the steering box. From what I can see the hole in the ABS plate looks roughly to be in about the same place as the stock plate. Am wondering if remaking and relocating the pedal and maybe not tilting the booster downward as much is the difference allowing their modern booster setup to work in the original space.

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