Re: 1953 Patrician: has anyone updated from Treadlevac to modern 2-chamber mstr cyl?

Posted by Mopar_Earl On 2024/1/19 21:29:15
I do plan to take measurements of the original pedal from different locations. I plan to take the ABS plate and put it over the floor to see where their pedal location is and in relation to the OE pedal. That's my only concern, where the ABS pedal location will be. If I don't like the pedal location, I will send it back. If the location is doable, then I will proceed.

The picture definitely shows a dual booster. They are advertising it as 8" dual. I will measure when I get it. I will also measure the overall length. I plan to take pics of the two side by side and installed.

I plan to share all with the group. This could be an excellent item for the odd ball Packard setup. Also it is a direct bolt in vs installing a hanging pedal and not giving up your crotch vent. The car could easily be returned to stock.


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