Low Oil Pressure, then Stall

Posted by Joe on 2022/8/5 12:44:34
Hey everybody,

I'm made some progress on my model 2372. I've reverted the car back to 6v/positive ground, new voltage regulator, though I did replace my points with a Pertronix ignition. Running into the following issues and need some help troubleshooting.

When I first start the car up in the day, it runs great. It starts immediately, it's quiet, relatively smooth, and the car moves well. As it reaches operating temperature, I see my oil pressure (which starts at 40) begin to drop as I decelerate, eventually stalling out. It's then a little dicey starting back up (though it eventually does). In neutral, the oil pressure bounces right back up to 40. In high or reverse, it drops to 35, then to 30, and so on, and the idle is slow and rough. But again, this is only when the engine is hot.

I did notice that I'm down about a quart of oil, so I'm going to fix that when I get back home, but I'm sure I have an issue with worn piston rings, and the new spark plugs may already be fouled from oil leaching into the cylinder. I'm running "Classic Car Motor Oil" 15W-40. I haven't done a radiator flush yet, but it's on my to-do list.

What else should I be looking for in terms of the engine losing power/stalling when it's at operating temperature? Thanks in advance, everyone!

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