Re: Low Oil Pressure, then Stall

Posted by HH56 on 2022/8/5 13:22:26
Worn bearings could also be the major reason you are losing oil pressure. As the oil heats and thins, more is leaking thru the bearings and dropping the pressure. Adding heavier oil or a viscosity enhancer might help a bit but is not a cure all. In the era a can of STP at every oil change could be a worn engines best friend but no idea if the STP product available today is the same as the thick honey like product available then.

Pertronix ignitions are somewhat finicky when used on 6v systems. Unless the wiring and charging system is in top notch condition any voltage drop could be severe enough to start the module misfiring. If you are using the old original coil, those have also been known for breaking down or becoming erratic when they heat up.

If you are running the original fuel pump with modern gasoline, some of the old rubber components are not compatible with ethanol and will break down. Sometimes they fail entirely, others just swell and restrict flow.

If the flex fuel line near the bottom of the radiator between the pump and metal gas line is the original, those get hard and inner lining can crack. A loose section of lining could, because of fuel pump suction, be dislodged and a flap like portion move out in the bore to restrict fuel flow. Often an engine will idle fine but more flow needed for faster speeds is enough to cause the issue. Same with the old ceramic fuel filters. Varnish could be partially clogging the filter element allowing a minimal amount to flow thru but not enough to supply the engine at speed.

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