Re: 1949 Packard Gas Tank

Posted by HH56 On 2022/8/6 9:27:09
I would imagine the supply of good used 48-50 tanks are getting very scarce since that was the only thing available until recently and the supply has been picked fairly clean over the years. There were also two sizes of tanks used in those years so be aware of that if you find one.

If you find an original tank in your size it might be a good idea to consider what condition you might find it in and what you might need to do to make it serviceable once you receive it. See if buying the recently available 20 gallon repro tank MoparPro offers might be just as good a proposition. A couple of people have done this and unless the used tank just needed a "boiling out" found the cost of a RENU repair vs new came in fairly close. The posters who bought this repro and the also new 37-40 repro report they are good quality tanks and fit perfectly. You may need to reuse your filler pipe although that is fairly easily done with a fuel filler coupling hose.

If your car used the smaller 17 gallon tank this 20 gallon tank will fit -- but you might need longer straps. You will also need to do work on the sender to make the gauge read correctly. Even with that it might still be money ahead in choosing a new tank.

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