Re: Front floor mat/carpet

Posted by HH56 On 2022/8/14 12:12:38
I am curious if anyone knows if the other higher end cars -- Lincoln, Imperial, Cad -- also had such a divide with their lower cost models or did they not have anything considered lower cost and left that to the other nameplates in the lineup.

I know the lower end Packards were aimed toward the mid price market but with a Packard name on the body you would think that a half rubber treatment that might have been used on a deluxe low cost brand to be quite a comedown to a buyer and maybe a good indicator as to why they were losing market. Cost difference between half rubber and a slightly lower grade all carpet covering could not have been that signifiant.

It has been well reported that postwar Cadillacs took over the luxury market and such glaring differences between Packard models stands out. Same could be said for other more refined creature comfort features Cads offered but not available or kludgy even on the most senior Packards.

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