Re: Strange water flow problem 288 cu in engine

Posted by JWL On 2022/8/15 14:26:15
Somewhat off topic, but interesting.

Years ago a coworker and I visited the 8th Air Force Museum near Savannah, Georgia. Some of the docents there were veterans who served in the 8th when it was headquartered in England during WW-II.

One of them told us a story about a P-51 crash. The war torn airplanes which were not longer suited for combat missions were used to organize the bombers on their missions. These bombing missions comprised of large number of bombers and it was a complicated job to get them all up, organized and on their way.

The story, as told to us, was this Mustang had some work done on it recently including some cooling system maintenance or repair. The cooling system had not been bled after the work. There was an air pocket which resulted in the engine overheating and seizing. The fighter crashed killing the pilot. Like I said kinda related to this discussion.

Highly recommend a visit to the museum when in the Savannah or Charleston area.

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