Re: Strange water flow problem 288 cu in engine

Posted by Tim Cole On 2022/8/15 16:32:32
The best way to fill a cooling system is by using a tool called a vacuum filler which uses vacuum to fill all of the voids in a cooling system. Nearly all modern cars require that method except mine which is an oddball.

I made up such a hand operated device for use on Packards using a cow milking pump to avoid hot spots in rebuilt motors that had thermostats.

Anyway, that is probably not your problem. If both heater hoses are getting hot with the heater valve open then the water pump is working. You may have a restriction in the lower part of the radiator that came loose; like a mouse nest and the sudden release caused the gush. If the motor is still doing it every time it runs, the lower radiator hose may have a collapse in it.

When I was doing prototype work air pockets were isolated via thermocouples which reported hots spots on a data logger. A critical aspect of motor engineering.

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