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Posted by HH56 On 2022/8/15 10:33:02
There are two springs.

The Assist spring is a very heavy over center type spring that mostly keeps the pedal upright. It is attached between a curved hook ended piece of linkage and a bracket on the top of the frame. Once the pedal is pushed down a small amount the top of the curved piece the spring attaches to crosses over a pivot point thus the name "over center" and the strong spring comes into action to help pull the pedal down and lessen the force needed to release the clutch.

The return spring is a long thin spring that is attached to the fork and a bracket on the side of the frame near the steering box. It helps the pedal return but also keeps the fork and throwout bearing in tight contact with the linkage and also retracted away from the pressure plate unless you are pushing the clutch pedal.

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