Re: Some general cooling system questions.

Posted by HH56 On 2022/8/15 20:34:55
160 degree was the standard with a 180 and a 151 degree as options. A service letter said in very cold climates where extra from the heater was needed it would be advisable to install the 180 degree in winter and back to 160 in summer. With that logic the 151 was probably for places like the desert where summer temps can routinely go over 100.

I don't believe alcohol antifreeze was used that often post war but in the early 40s when it was common because of the ethylene glycol shortages they issued thermostats in the 140-150 ranges and cautioned not to run the alcohol antifreeze at regular temps because its boiling point was considerably lower than the ethylene type and it could boil away at higher temps.

All postwar heater hoses are 5/8.

The trans cooler is in the converter return to pan line and since fluid just returns to the pan, one side is essentially open. Original Ultra manual does not have a spec or test for converter out pressure but the TU info does and that lists a max of 40psi with the average in use pressure being lower and changes depending on certain conditions. Since the plumbing between the units is very similar and cooler is in the same place in the path I would think 40 would be the max you would want to use. In reality 10-20 psi should be more than enough to find any leaks.

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