Re: 1948 Packard 288 cu in voltage regulator

Posted by HH56 On 2022/8/26 10:25:46
I don't know which contact is on the right as that can change with model of regulator and how it is mounted but it sort of sounds like it was the cut out contact and it welded shut.

Normally that contact is open disconnecting the generator from the system until the generator is turning fast enough to generate a small voltage. At that point contact will close and power up the entire regulator so generator output goes to full and can then go to the battery and the rest of the system. If the cut out contact did weld closed then when generator was stopped battery power was still continually being fed back into the generator. Had the belt been off the generator pulley so it could turn generator would probably have been turned into a motor.

That would be the most likely reason for the complete discharge because the other two contacts in the regulator are not in play unless the generator has an output. They are normally closed anyway and just sit until they have something to regulate. With the continual current drain I would also be wondering about the status of the generator as it undoubtedly would have gotten hot.

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