Re: 1948 Packard Super Eight Misfire and lifter tacket

Posted by Icarus On 2022/8/27 19:07:34

Fish'n Jim wrote:
Gas will thin out oil, so most likely you got a ~qt of gas(or something else) in the oil system. Lack of lubrication and improper viscosity will make noises, cause excessive wear. This oil should've been changed before ever try to to run it.

When these things sit and there's no history, one needs to check everything before firing them off, if you don't want more issues and cost.

Diesels just don't have spark(ignition) and operate at higher compression. The valve train is just on the side, not overhead. Otherwise, your just burning fuel in a compressor running "backward" - producing power instead of consuming power. Same basic technology.

I should mention that the first thing I did was change the oil and hook up a 12v fuel pump for diagnostics. noise and misfire didnt go away, but it's definitely not making oil!

[Quote]For #1, see if you can get a compression test done and report back. Surely a cylinder or two are not firing but that could be spark, mixture, a vacuum leak, or bad compression. Gotta sort them out one at a time.[/quote]

I ordered a compression tester that appears to have the correct fitting (these plugs are weird). I'll report back once the test is done!

[Quote]g'day Icarus,
to PackardInfo.

I invite you to include your '48 Packard Super Eight LWB in the Packard Vehicle Registry.[/quote]

Thanks! I'll do that after I get a decent picture.

I'd just like to say that this site is *amazing.* It has every bit of information you could possibly hope for for keeping these old girls running, the community is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and the information is actually GOOD. So many car forums (especially the Mercedes ones) are so full of bad info and worse help. I can't believe how much easier it is to find info on this 74 year old car from a defunct make, versus a 40 year old car (which was made by the million!) from a still-in-business company. Thank you guys!

I'll do a comp test and pull some stuff apart, and report back with the findings. See you guys then!

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