Intermittent Starting Issues

Posted by Pipesargent On 2022/9/1 14:01:42
This is a tough one folks! All summer long I have had intermittent starting issues and I cannot trace back to what the issues is. I get in the car and when I turn the key and press the excellerator I get nothing not even a failed attempt to turn over. I have replaced the battery thinking it was no good. I have removed the starter and had that cleaned and serviced along with a new 6 volt solenoid. I have tested the generator and that is putting out 7 volts not only at the generator but to the battery as well when engine is brought up from idle. Even checked the voltage regulator and that is good as well. I can tell you I did notice a few oddities that might help. Once when starting the car I got a little puff of white smoke from behind the ignition switch. Also the oil pressure sensor would read a solid 40 at idle then at 35mph drop to 20 and when stopped at a light go up to 80 then back down to 20 when driving. Now it just sits at 20. Btw I did check the oil pressure using a mechanical pressure gauge and all is good. Also when driving at night at idle the headlights are super dim and the dash lights are non exsistant. The blinkers do not work as well, but when I am driving then the headlights brighten up along with the dash lights and the turn signal works. I do know on 6 volt system things get a little dim but I have never experienced this before. I have had the car 3 years and this all started suddenly this spring. I am at a complete loss and even my mechanic is stumped as well. Car has become unreliable even though mechanically she runs like a fine Swiss Watch.

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