Re: 1948 Super 8 Door Restoration

Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2022/9/1 21:26:09
If you've not seen already, there is a Literature Archive on the left sidebar with all kinds of goodies including original service manuals.

If your goal is to get the window regulators working or other "normal" service/repairs then it will give you at least a good starting point to work off.

Some advice from my uncle is if you buy a car where everything on it is worn out / questionable, you may as well start at the engine and see if you can at least get it to drive it around the yard with some basic work. Getting the accessories working and other such things, while good fun and an excellent learning experience, will appreciate the value of a non-running car by essentially nothing. Put another way, if an engine swap were out of the question, better make sure sooner rather than later that you don't need one!

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