Re: Oil Weight for 1951 288 that had rebuild 20-25 years ago

Posted by Fish'n Jim On 2022/9/5 10:19:59
Tim's on it.
Do you mean it has a oil filter canister now but not when you obtained it or when rebuilt?
If yes, much ado about nothing, unless it's a partial and badly sludged up in there.
If you're running the BAJA or circle track with it, or driving it once a month around town in nice weather, different lube oil services.
We seem to take advice from sale people who's job it is to sell us up. Hey, what's an extra buck or two for old betsy?
They didn't have detergent and viscosity additives that's why it was classified straight grade. Viscosity measurement was in it's infancy in those days.
If one looks at the viscosity curves w. Temperature, not that big a difference between 20 and 50. But higher affects flow and pressure requirements. Worse is cold flow to the oil pump. Starves the motor of lube until it warms up.
No way to tell what parts they used long ago in the rebuild. Lots of material changes over the years require different lube specifications.

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