Re: 359 questions

Posted by HH56 On 2022/9/4 15:48:59
You would need to replace the bellhousing and anything else associated with the stick shift. To find everything -- in particular the small pieces in linkage and steering column -- it would most likely take a parts car. Like changing the 55-6 Twin Ultras to sticks, I am sure it has been done several times on the earlier models.

One issue with using that large engine might be the clutch size. I did not check the parts book to see what was available so you might do that. Prior to 51 all the more senior models with bigger engines or weight had a larger diameter clutch and pressure plate assy to contend with the higher torque and hp engines. I am not sure if the practice continued after that so unless the parts book specifically states there was only one combo, torque and clutch slip might be an issue with using 288 components on a 359 engine.

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