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Posted by Wat_Tyler On 2022/9/4 16:02:54
I'm not all that sure - wait, I'm not sure at all, so let's try again. I am familiar with the whole business about different clutches and such in the big engines before they dropped the 356. I have several of those. And they are elephants. I'm trying to do something straight eight and lose a few (hundred) pounds by using the 359 instead. And that is a closer-to-square engine while retaining the 9 main bearing design. I'm of the impression that the 359 block is maybe closer to the older 327 9-main block, so some of that stuff might should swap.

I do already have a 327 9-main engine, but it was a slushbox engine and has a flex plate.

But come to think of it, the 9-main blocks were all in the seniors and would oftentimes likely have the auto-trans, I'm guessing.

Thank you, Howard, for always chiming in on questions like these. I not only appreciate your input but your whole tone as well. You're upbeat and helpful, and you're both a wealth of info and a good navigator of this website, too.

Food for thought . . . .

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